President Donald Trump may not see why his commentary on Frenchs First Lady Brigitte Macrons body is inappropriate, so Reebok yes, the athletic wear company is here to show him why.

Reebok on Friday tweeted an educational map showing people when it is appropriate to comment on a persons figure by saying, Youre in such good shape … beautiful.

There were six situations offered and surprise! only one of them was deemed appropriate for such a comment.

A spokesperson for the company told Mashableon Friday that Reebok believes all people should support one another physically, mentally and socially.

It seems there is a lot of confusion about how to do that, and perhaps this little reminder will help, the company rep added.

Although Reebok didnt directly address the president in the infographic or in its statement, its clear their message is meant for him.

Trump has been criticized in the past for a number of lewd interactions with women most infamously for a recording of him saying that he could grab women by the pussy because hes a celebrity.

But he proved he can still be sleazy as president on Thursday when he commented on Macrons body.

In a clip published by NBC News, Trump can be heard telling Macron that shes in such good shape, later proclaiming to the group, shes in such good physical shape. Beautiful.

After the clip of Trump and Macron went viral on Friday,Reebok apparently felt compelled to clarify to the rest of America that these types of comments are not OK not in an elevator, not while introducing yourself to a mother-in-law and most definitely not while greeting the spouse of a head of state.

While Trump supporters, as expected, denounced Reeboks request for people to respect women by avoiding inappropriate comments, many people were on-board with their subtweets message.

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