In 2016, the fashion isnt so much about style or fabric as it is about how little you can get away withwearing.

Celebrities have been wearing mesh skirts and crop tops that show off their oversized undies on the red carpet.Even the average teenager has traded in her push-upbra for a lace bralette, something in a vibrant pink or orange she can show off under a white t-shirt.

If this is a game of who can wear the least, however, Kylie Jenneralready won.

The teenage mogul, usually spotted in bandage dresses, just Instagrammedtwo photos of her wearing a very strange pair of jeans. Instead of slashes across the knees, they prominently featuretwo oversized rips under the butt cheeks.

Is Kylie trying to escape summer swamp ass, discretely airing out her goods?

Does Kylie seek a kind of spiritual clarity only denim butt holes can provide, the way ancient shamans used to drill openingsinto the human skull? (If you really want to fall down a Google rabbit hole, search trepanning.)

According to Instagram, the two photos garnered an astonishing one million likes each. All this, just for a shot of Kylies derriere and a Metallica T-shirt. Notably, she paired the look with Guccis $3,500Sylvie tote bag.

This isnt the first time Kylies used denim to make a statement, either.

Way back in February, she tried on Levis wedgie jeans and left a nation astounded that youd willingly choose to bunch fabric all up in your butt cheeks.

Theres no word yet on whether these particular jeans will be coming to stores, or if Kylie just made the best of the situation when one of her Italian greyhounds ripped through her pants.

Either way, you can be sure copies will be on the shelves of Forever21 by the end of the week.

If youre in the market for a pair of cheeky slit jeans now, theyre currently available via Missguided. For custom booty slits, turn to Etsy.

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