Have you ever looked around your apartment or house and wondered how you possibly managed to get everything in there?

I know I often look at our couch and wonder how on earth we’ll ever get it out of the house, it is a monstrosity! But a couch is definitely the biggest thing in my house.

One man, who remains unnamed, has revealed that for the last 35 years, there has been a 1960′s Ferrari in his 1-bedroom apartment.

The classic car was purchased with the intention of being restored,and the process was even started, but it was never finished in the near 4 decades that he owned the car.

His reasoning for bringing the Ferrari GT 250 Pininfarina coupe into his apartment, was that he wanted to keep it safe from the groups hanging around the area on Hollywood Street in the ’80s.

Now the car has been removed from the apartment after a wall had to be taken out first to make room. The owner of the car, who is the property owner of the apartment in which it was housed decided it was time to sell the car.

It is sad that he has to part with his car after all this time, but hopefully, he’ll get a good look at the Ferrari once it has finally been restored!

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