Most women on the planet would be happy to meet George Clooney, but few of us get our wish!

The exception? An elderly lady named Pat Adams, who knows that it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

Pat, who lives in a senior living home in the United Kingdom, reportedly asked her caretakers “every day” for an introduction to George, her favorite movie star.

In fact, meeting George was her big wish for her 87th birthday. The staff of her home, Sunrise of Sonning, even sent the actor letters on her behalf!

It might surprise some people to hear it, but the letters actually made it all the way to the man himself.

George Clooney might be best known as an American superstar, but he and his British wife Amal are expecting twins, and spend a lot of their time in her home country.

After reading the letters, George made a truly charming decision, and promptly delivered himself to the doorstep of the senior home to meet Pat Adams, hisnumber 1 fan!

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Pat Adams, a resident of the Sunrise of Sonning senior home in Berkshire, in the United Kingdom, is a force to be reckoned with.

The senior citizen absolutely loves George Clooney, and has long been enthusiastic about getting an opportunity to finally meet her idol.

With her 87th birthday coming up, the staff of the home decided to try to pull off the greatest birthday wish ever, by sending letters to George at his nearby country home. Well, long story short, George is one heck of a stand-up guy.

According to Linda Davis, one of the staffers at the home:

The lady in the picture loves George Clooney and mentions every day how she would love to meet him, especially as he lives so near to where [the home is].

So letters have been sent asking, would it be possible for her dream to come true.

And what was extra special; it was her birthday in the week.

He bought a card and a lovely bunch of flowers.

That’s right; not only did George Clooney, superstar, Oscar winner and 2-timeSexiest Man Alive, appear at a nursing home in Berkshire, England, he brought flowers!

That is seriously classy, George.

He brought Pat a beautiful bunch of flower in honor of her 87th birthday, and posed forlots of pictures with his fan.

He also included a card with his gift, so Pat will always have a memento to remember the dream come true by!

His note reads, “Pat, I thought you’d like some flowers! With love, George.” Awww!

He even wrote it on his own signature letterhead, so we’d advise Pat to hold onto that, it might be worth a pretty penny.

He stuck around and posed for quite a few pictures with Pat, in honor of her birthday.

Once she got over the initial shock, Pat relaxed right into her new celebrity friendship. You can see here that she can’t stop grinning!

This photo, posted by Sunrise’s executive director, Malcolm Hague, notes, “Special visitor for Pat!”

Even better, the ultra-famous actor decided not to make a big deal of his appearance.

He just dropped in one day, totally surprising and delighting everyone, instead of turning it into a big PRstunt.

All we can say is, we’re very impressed with George Clooney’s kindness to his biggest fan, and, if he has a spare moment, could he drop in and see us too?

As for Pat, when asked during a subsequent interview what shehas planned for her 87th year, she cheekily noted, “Brad Pitt would be nice.”

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