Obviously, this cant be applied toin the world, but thinking generally, Id have to say,noheres why:

With men, lets face it, they want to get in our pantseven if theyre willing to work for itultimately, thats what it comes down to. I am not saying that a man doesnt have the ability to resist the temptation of physical and sexual attraction, but its in the back of his mind somewhere. Ladies, if you dont believe me try serving up your milkshake to that friend and see if he doesnt come to the yard.

Now, in the conversation I spoke of earlier, this was the end of the argument. Granted, two men were speaking, so they didnt feel the need to lie about things (from their perspectives). Men want sex. They want other things too, but sex is definitely important. They ended saying that they feel like a women can be in a platonic relationship with a man, but it just doesnt work that way for men. Heres where I disagree.

With women, I believe we do the same thing men do, more or less, in that first three minutes of meeting. Depending on the dialect and the dialogue within that three minutes, were now considering him as a

Sure at first, we might sike ourselves out by calling it potential buddy instead of partner, but were women. We emotionally attach at some point. Just as I gave the men credit for, women do have the ability to undermine their feelings and resist showing this to the man. That doesnt mean that we dont have an ulterior motive behind the friendship just like men. So its not all strictly platonic for us either even if its not about the sex.

Ithink the better question is

As I mentioned earlier, Im not applying this to everyone as whole. Im also not discrediting anyone who is genuinely carrying out a strictly platonic friendship with the opposite sex.Im just one to believe that life is about risk. I say dive in!

If youre lucky, youll end up with the buddy and the booty. I think the only thing worse than liking a friend of the opposite sex is pretending not to.

If you didnt know upon meeting someone, it takes about 3 minutes (if not sooner) for us to identify our physical attraction towards them. I, for one, actually take great pleasure in the thrill of letting my mind run wild of temptationduring those few minutes before I drop back into reality and act normal. The other day, I was a fly on the wall to a very interesting conversation concerning genuine friendship between a man and a woman.

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